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Sonia Aimy releases a wonderful Christmas song – WATCH VIDEO

A new song reflecting on Christmas and celebrating the joy it brings to people’s lives has been released by Sonia Aimy, a Nigerian musician based in Canada.


“Merry Christmas-Buon Natale” is done in English, Italian and Edo, a Nigerian language.

In an exclusive interview with AfroNews Germany, Sonia explained what motivated her to compose this Christmas song.

“I released this Christmas single for various reasons. One is to revive the importance of togetherness, peace, love and happiness as manifested during Christmas. I often speak about these in my music but I thought reaffirmation through a Christmas song would bring more smiles to people’s faces,” she said.

The new song is a combination of African rhythms and melodies with Western harmonies.

Sonia Aimy says “Merry Christmas-Buon Natale” is inspired by memories of her childhood during Christmas celebrations in Benin City, Nigeria.
Sonia Aimy says “Merry Christmas-Buon Natale” is inspired by memories of her childhood during Christmas celebrations in Benin City, Nigeria.

“It is inspired by memories of my childhood during Christmas celebrations in Benin City, Nigeria. It was and is still one of the busiest seasons of the year,” Sonia said. “The chilliness of the harmattan wind, people travelling from one state to another to join their families; women running to the market and shops to buy Christmas and New Year clothes for their children; animals such as chicken, goats, etc., crying for their dear lives; children filled with excitement, and of course the unforgettable aroma of Jollof Rice and other traditional foods.”

Apart from celebrating the joy surrounding the festive period, “Merry Christmas-Buon Natale” is also about the importance of family life, reminding all to dedicate more time to their loved ones.

Asked what Christmas means to her, Sonia said: “Christmas means promises to your loved ones and friends, hope for new and miracle-like things to happen in your life, being joyful and bringing joy to your loved ones.”

Christmas, according to Sonia, is also a time for reconciliation and unity.

Sonia is convinced that all should celebrate Christmas. “Regardless of your religion, seize the moment to be happy and celebrate Christmas the same way I celebrate Eid al-Fitr with my friends and colleagues even if I’m not a Muslim,” she said. “Besides our goals and aspirations, being alive and being healthy to witness the day alone is enough reason to be happy and to celebrate.”

In a Christmas message to her fans worldwide, Sonia said: “I wish you the very best in life, always. No matter the situation, look at things positively and strive to be happy all the time. There is never pain without joy. It is up to you to find the key that connects you to your inner self where there is always happiness and hope no matter the circumstances.”

Sonia also uses this colorful, enchanting and entertaining song to wish her fans a prosperous New Year.

“Merry Christmas-Buon Natale” is released on Believe Digital label. Sonia said the track is meant to prepare her fans for her next album “Nigerian Spirit” to be released at the end of January 2017.

The video for the song was shot in Turin, Italy, and directed by Maurizio Ghiotti. It features Sonia’s friends such as Silvia Gaschi, Antonella Madau, Tate’ Nsongan, Blessing, siblings, nephews and nieces including Syria Aimiuwu A.K.A Sisi Love, Festus Aimiuwu, Lovely Osarobo, Susan Aidede, Valentina Mittiga, Jadon Aimiuwu, Noah Osarobo and Idia Katia Osarobo.

“Merry Christmas-Buon Natale” can be purchased from the following links:

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a