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Nollywood actress Eucharia Anunobi reveals shocking reason why her father refused to pay for her university studies

Father of Nollywood actress and evangelist Eucharia Anunobi denied her a chance of doing to the university simply because she was a girl.


The screen diva turned preacher told that she passed her high school exams with high marks and wanted to go to university.

“My father said he had no interest in training the female gender in his family after secondary school,” Ms Anunobi said. “With all his riches and my brilliant results he refused to sponsor me to University except the boys. He abandoned me on the way and that was how at the age of 16, I started fighting for my destiny. This was what made me begin seeking God at a very early stage.”

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The Nollywood actress who was once a beauty queen still models. She hit limelight two decades ago with the movie “Glamour Girls”.

She revealed to that she paid her way through university through modeling.

Ms Anunobi now has a first degree in English Language, a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is a PhD candidate.

Eucharia-Anunobi3“In everything, I make my boast in Jesus Christ. I went back to school just about six years ago so it is not too late for anyone whether male or female to go back to school. There’s need to go back to school and get education even if you are 75 years old,” Ms Anunobi said.

Talking about reasons for success, she said “man has nothing to do with God’s promise in your life which means that no man has the power to stop your destiny or talent from bursting out.”

Eucharia-AnunobiShe added: “If you are a Christian deep in the Lord, hang on to his promise because he never fails. If he has said you will be a great dancer, caterer, preacher, actress, you will end up as such. As long as your vision will impact lives, help the society and glorify God, pursue it.”