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Mr Positive Vybez, Nigerian Germany-based artiste releases new hit track ”I Gallant”

Nigerian German-based artist Mr Positive Vybez releases new track ‘I Gallant’

Nigerian Germany-based artiste, Mr Positive Vybez, has released a new track dubbed ‘I Gallant’ which has a new Amapiano sound.

Mr Positive Vybez talked to Afronews about the new hit track sharing how he feels about the catchy tune.

The track ‘I Gallant’ was released April 20th 2022 and was produced by Lekelo. The motivation for the song was in Mr Positive Vybez seeing himself at the top, him being one of the biggest stars in the music industry.

‘I Gallant’ takes on the sounds and beats of the South African Amapiano genre and is available on all leading music platforms.

“I feel that it’s a hit track and in the future I expect it to be a music video. The message in the song is that I am charmingly attractive to women plus I have so many dollars to spend.”

Mr Positive Vybez on the cover for I Gallant

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