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Meet DJ Aisher, the first Kenyan female DJ in Europe who makes people dance like hell

It is commonly said that what a man can do, a woman can do better. There is a Kenyan lady who believes in this to an extent of venturing into a male dominated field in the entertainment industry.


The Berlin based Philly Lydia Ojallah whose artistic name is DJ Aisher, is the first and only Kenyan female DJ in Europe.

“I decided to become a DJ because of the passion and love I have for music,” DJ Aisher said in an exclusive interview with AfroNews Germany.

She joined this male dominated field because she wanted to challenge men and let them know that women could be better DJs than them.

DJ-Aisher3DJ Aisher has so far managed to prove that a woman can make people dance like hell. She is extremely popular in Berlin and has backed most of the famous African artists who come for shows in the city.

According to DJ Aisher, a good DJ is one capable of mixing smoothly without distortion. A good DJ is also capable of mixing different genres of music and keeping the crowd entertained no matter where they are performing, she said.

She holds that the audience doesn’t necessarily need to know or get used to a DJ. “Rather, the audience should be able to recognise you through your skills and tactics on the deck,” DJ Aisher said.

DJ-Aisher2Asked how her male colleagues treat her, DJ Aisher said they get along quite well. “Collaborating with a male DJ isn’t a problem for me at all,” she said.

DJ Aisher is proud of her success and happy that she has never faced any serious challenges as a DJ. “God is always on my side and am so grateful to Him for that,” she said.

Having been living in Germany since 2011, DJ Aisher is very critical of the African entertainment scene in the country.

DJ-Aisher1“Am of the opinion that there is a lot of unnecessary and unfruitful competition in the entertainment scene,” she said.  “There is lack of cooperation and unity among event organisers.”

Quite often, you find two African events taking place in the same city on the same date.

At times you have two events organised by people from the same country on the same day and in the same city.

“Such events divide people and at the end of the day, are boring since only a few people attend,” she said.

DJ Aisher holds that lack of promotion negatively affects African events in Germany. “The event organisers and promoters need to improve on how they advertise upcoming events,” she said.

DJ-AisherWhenever she is free, DJ Aisher plays at One Africa Lounge in Berlin but she mostly moves from one place to another.

She would like to see many female DJs. “I absolutely encourage any lady who would like to become a DJ to go for it. Passion and love for music is what matters,” she pointed out.

Ladies-NightDJ Aisher will host a big event at Sky Club, Frankfurt on 30th July 2016 (see the flyer for further information).

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a