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MC Norman’s new single “No Lies” already rocks international airwaves – LISTEN TO IT HERE

Ugandan Reggae and dancehall artist Mc Norman is back with a new massive song asking his girlfriend to tell him the truth about their love.

Mc Norman, Ugandan Reggae and Dancehall artist based in South Africa
Mc Norman, Ugandan Reggae and Dancehall artist based in South Africa

In the song titled “No Lies”, Mc Norman tells the story of a girl who loves him only during the week.

Once the weekend approaches, she disappears and only returns the following week.

Curious to find out where she goes over the weekend, Mc Norman pleads with her to tell him the truth so that he can know where he belongs in their relationship. “Tell me no lies baby”, he sings.

The new song is already receiving positive reviews and play rotations around the world.

This versatile musician based in South Africa makes enormous efforts to come up with top chatting hits. Just a few months ago he released an international chart bursting single “Burning Up” that continues to top charts the world over.

“No Lies” will be officially released on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play on 22nd July 2016.

It will later on feature on Mc Norman’s forthcoming album which will also include “Burning Up”.

Mc Norman is the son of Mr. Eddy Ganja, a Ugandan music legend, soloist and vocalist with the Afrigo band.

He has already won four international music awards in the USA including the Best World Beat Song Award for “Burning Up” at the Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles in May.

Mc Norman’s previous hit “Sexy Bam Bam” – a dance hall raga, has been watched by more than two million people on YouTube.

Enjoy “No Lies” by Mc Norman