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Why it is important for immigrants in Germany to go for integration courses

It is very important for all foreigners who would like to live in Germany to learn German. Life in the country is very difficult for those who don’t speak German. For instance, it is difficult for them to find work, socialize, support their children in school, etc.

Integration courses are meant to facilitate integration of foreigners in Germany
Integration courses are meant to facilitate integration of foreigners in Germany

In order to facilitate integration of foreigners, the government has introduced integration courses. Those who attend these courses learn German and certain things about Germany including its history, culture and legal system.

Content of integration course
Each integration course consists of a language course and an orientation course. The general integration course comprises between 660 and 960 lessons.

The language course
The language course covers important aspects of everyday life, such as:
• work and career,
• basic and further training,
• bringing up and raising children,
• shopping/trade/consumption,
• leisure time and social interaction,
• health and hygiene/human body,
• media and media use, and
• housing.

Participants also learn to write letters and e-mails in German, complete forms, make telephone calls and apply for jobs.

Special focus is normally given to topics of interest to the participants. For example, in a youth integration course, participants may be shown how to apply for an apprenticeship.

There are intermediate tests to be taken during the language course to help prepare participants for the final examination at the end of the integration course.

The orientation course
One can only attend the orientation course after successfully completing the language course. It takes 60 hours to complete.
The following are some of the issues to be discussed during the orientation course
• the German legal system, history and culture,
• rights and obligations in Germany,
• ways of co-existing in society, and
• important values in German society, e.g. freedom of worship, tolerance and equal rights.

There is an exam to be taken at the end of the orientation course.

Click here to download the most important forms and applications for attending an integration course.

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