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Who qualifies for the 2024 Birthday bonus in Germany?

Birthday bonus in Germany. Life in Germany. The state will continue the provision of “birthday bonus” in 2024, a measure introduced last year. This initiative entails the state offering financial assistance to hundreds of thousands of young individuals who are turning 18 in the current year. However, due to limited funds, there will be a reduction in the so-called cultural pass, with the amount halved compared to the previous offering. Nevertheless, eligible recipients will still be entitled to receive 100 euros to spend on cultural experiences and activities. Here’s what you need to know about Birthday bonus in Germany.

Birthday bonus in Germany

Last year, all young people born in 2005 who turned 18 received a voucher worth €200 upon registration. In a continuation of this initiative, approximately 750,000 young individuals celebrating their 18th birthday this year (born in 2006) can also anticipate receiving a Culture Pass voucher starting from March. However, there will be a reduction in support for the purchase of boks and tickets to cultural events, such as cinema, concerts, or museums, with the amount halved to €100 this year. This adjustment is made in consideration of the overall budget situation.

The primary goal of this campaign is to facilitate cultural experiences for young people, a demographic significantly affected by the challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. By providing financial support for cultural activities, the initiative aims to not benefit the younger population but also offer assistance to organizers who have endured substantial economic losses due to contact restrictions during the pandemic.
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Who is entitled to it?

For their 18th birthday, young adults are entitled to “birthday money” amounting to 100 euros, which can be utilized through a dedicated digital platform accessible as an app. This platform allows them to allocate their budget towards cultural experiences, including the purchase of books, recordings, musical instruments, as well as attendance at cinemas, concerts, and theatres.

The Culture Pass covers ticket for museums, parks, or exhibitions, providing a diverse range of options for cultural engagement. Notably, exclusions from the offer include large online mail-order companies like Amazon, along with streaming services and music platforms such as spotify.

In collaboration with Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP), an agreement has been reached to extend the validity of the Culture Pass for individuals born in 2005. Minister of State for State for Culture Claudia Roth (Alliance 90/Greens) confirmed to dpa in Berlin that those born in 2005 can continueto use their Culture Pass throughout this year, allowing them to benefit from the unused budget in 2024. This extension provides additional opportunities for young people to explore and engage in cultural activities beyond their 18th birthday.