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What you need know before moving to Germany

What you need to know before moving to Germany is a very common question:

While travelling and even relocation might be an interesting and exciting thing to do, here are a few tips to make sure you enjoy your stay in Germany and that you have the best experience while you’re there.

On the La Deutsche Vita you tube page run by Phoebe she takes us through a few tips she uses or that she find important once you decide to move or stay in Germany.

The you tuber mentions that one of the things that goes without saying when moving to Germany is making sure you have the right papers.

Having one’s passport, documents etc makes the process easier.

This is inclusive of health insurance and residence registration.

Another point is that coming to Germany is much easier if you have a career or something to do that keeps you busy.

How to apply for a German Student Visa and Residence Permit

Readiness to integrate will make you have a better experience in Germany. ”If you do not have the readiness to integrate you will have a hard time.”

Finding someone in Germany who can help you get around is also very important as it makes it easier for you to learn more.

If you’re African coming from Ghana it becomes important to find a Ghanaian who can help and also someone who has a German contact that can help you get around.

Being self sufficient is also very important for you to be able to get around and find things you need or that could relate to your life back home. Using google normally helps.

How to obtain the EC long-term residence permit in Germany

On thing that is very recommended is learning German and there are many apps that offer this kind of help for you.

Phoebe recommends these apps available for both android and iPhone that allow fast easy learning.

Language Apps:

  1. Duolingo
  2. Babbel
  3. WordPic
  4. Wie Geht’s
  5. DeutschAkademie

Source: Le Deutsche Vita