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What do the Germans hate? Some of the social and cultural customs that tourists should avoid

What Germans hate about tourists. Germans generally tolerate when a stranger ignores some of their strict criteria, but it is of course preferable for this stranger to show respect for German social and cultural traditions and customs , and to avoid violating them out of respect.

Here’s a list of what Germans hate about tourists to avoid doing them:

If you are a visitor to or reside in Germany, there are signs and behaviours that may express non-refinement, and it is preferable to avoid them in front of the Germans, especially the fields of work. Here are some examples of what Germans generally hate:

1. Putting hands in pockets while talking to Germans is rude behaviour, so keep your hands out of your pocket.

2. Delay in appointments: Do not be late, even for one minute. Late arrival is a personal insult.

3. The American A-Okay signal (the index finger and thumb forming a circle) is obscene gesture and do not it.

4. Cleaning the nose (mucus) in front of others is always a nuisance, especially in a conference, meeting or banquet. Leave the room, and do so, but not in front of others.

5. Chewing gum while talking is also rude behaviour.

6. Nail cleaning is also internationally prohibited, so do it in a special place.

7. Opening the windows: Even if the weather is warm, the Germans fear that a fatal disease will enter with the air inside. Do not touch the window.

8. Roses colours: flowers are a wonderful gift in Germany. Red for romance, cloves sign for mourning, lilies and chrysanthemums are for funerals .. yellow roses are safe.

9. Have a drink before the host: wait .. even if you are thirsty after a long business day or tourism. But as a guest, you have to wait for the host to present a toast before the first sip. Share the ways of the cups or look at everyone in the room, saying “Prosit”.

  • Some very sensitive foreigners may consider that avoiding German cultural hatred is a nuisance, but in fact knowing and following these simple rules is a sign of respect and taste and does not need any effort, except to know what the Germans hate.

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Source: Abwab