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What 7 changes are being enforced in Germany 2020?

There are some changes that are being enforced in Germany in 2020

Gradual lifting of restrictions

All states in Germany will be lifting some of the restrictions imposed on the coronavirus pandemic. The federal government has established certain rules that apply across the country, but many rules that come into force from June differ significant between the states.

Travel warning

Warning against trips is valid until June 14th. Travelling around the world is generally not possible at the time and this justifies the fact that one has to stay within their country. Air traffic is still limited, although Italy has been opening its air space since June 3rd for foreign tourists who will not have to quarantine after arriving there.

Travelling by airplanes and coaches

The German airline Lufthansa has announced new air connections and travel destinations that should allow people to travel but especially round the EU.

Protection against termination of the lease

Until June 30th, protection against termination of the lease agreement applies in Germany if the rent or lease cannot be paid on time. However, it is worth remembering that these fees are only deferred and not cancelled.

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Postponement of consumer loans and denial of benefits

Companies that are unable to provide services related to the implementation of some contracts due to a coronavirus pandemic are subject to protection until June 30th. This also applies to very small companies that are unable to ensure the settlements of long-term liabilities.

Repayments and interest on consumer loans are also deferred if they were concluded before March 15th and their repayment date is between April 1st, 2020 and June 30th, 2020.

 Changes in issuing sick leave

In recent weeks, employees in Germany have been able to receive sick leave by telephone after consulting a doctor. From June 1st, you will have to go to the doctor’s office again to obtain a certificate of incapacity for work due to illness.