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Traffic sign many drivers are not familiar with and can be very costly

A special road sign many drivers are not familiar with and can be very costly

Life in Germany. A special road sign in parking lots in Germany. It appeared two years ago with the amendment to the Road Traffic Act. Still, many drivers do not know its meaning.

Germany is one of the countries with the most road signs in the world, with over 20 million signs and almost 600 road signs in the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO). There is a sign about every 28 meters, not counting an additional 3.5 million signposts. For example, since the last amendment to the Road Traffic Act, there has been a road sign 1010-70 – and hardly anyone knows it. Drivers should however be careful, as failure to do so can be costly.

What special road sign is on parking lots in Germany?

A car with a break in the middle and two people on each side: It is a road sign 1010-70, which is an additional sign in parking lots or in no-stop zones – in the latter case with the annotation “frei”.

Many drivers have come across this sign, but few are aware of its meaning. Since the amendment to the Road Traffic Act in spring 2020, municipalities may use the road sign 1010-70 to designate parking spaces only for carsharing vehicles.

Parking spaces marked with a “P” and has an additional sign with a divided car, it is a car-sharing space. The road sign mostly applies to vehicles of official suppliers. The sign is also has an additional word “frei”, meaning that vehicles can park in restricted no-stop zones.

Drivers are advised to be aware of the sign, failure to do so can be costly. Vehicles found parked in the car-sharing space illegally will be fined around 55 euros. Cities and municipalities can have a tow truck for this purpose.

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