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Three devices that you should never unplug to save on energy

Three devices that you should never unplugged to save on energy

Life in Germany. Devices that should never be unplugged. There are many tips on saving electricity, one tip is to unplug devices. But for some devices, this is not a good idea.
With the current energy crisis, many citizens are planning to save electricity. Not unplugging after charging can be unnecessary consumption. However, some devices are better left permanently connected to the power source. Especially for three household items, you can find out what they are here:

Household devices that should not be disconnected

Many electrical devices such as a smart TV, are often connected to the WLAN router. They are also disconnected from the WLAN as soon as the router is without power. This can lead to problems at startup, for example, settings often need to be reprogrammed. There may also be update issues as they are usually done at night. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to turning off the WLAN router at night to save electricity.

The TV automatically updates its pixels. Disconnection from the network will interrupt its process. The image quality my suffer if this happens often. Therefore, it is recommended to ask the manufacturer if the TV can be regularly disconnected from the power source.

Printers should remain plugged in

Completely unplugging your printer will cause the printer to reset and clean itself when restarting. The printer uses up a lot of ink when cleaning. Additionally, the printer itself consumes almost no electricity when connected, so the potential savings are not significant.

However, some chargers should definitely be unplugged, especially those for smartphones, laptops and other equipment, which also consume electricity when no device is plugged in.

A study from Switzerland shows how much energy is consumed even without charging. In it, “the power consumption of a charger was measured,” explains SWR environment editor Dominik Bartoscheck. “The worst model used more than a kilowatt-hour of electricity a year – just because it was plugged in.” The consumption of the chargers is related to the fact that a transformer has been installed which, due to its design, works constantly as soon as it is connected to the current.

Not only should charging devices be unplugged, but Bartoscheck also recommends saving energy in the kitchen if the kettle and toaster are left plugged in. This has another advantage as it reduces the risk of fire. So it’s worth checking what can be unplugged.

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