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One-on-one with Delia Innoma Mayrschofer, one of the most famous and influential Nigerians in Germany

Delia Innoma Mayrschofer is a powerful Nigerian based in Germany. She is a multiple award winner but above all, this boss lady is a marvellous wife and mother. She is also a silent humanitarian. The following is an exclusive interview she granted Nwanne Campo.

Delia Innoma1

Hello Ma’am, please kindly tell us your name and a little bit about your background.

My names are Delia Innoma Mayrschofer. I’m from Achi, in Enugu state, but I grew up in Awka, Anambra state. I’ve been based in Germany for over two decades. I’m married with two lovely kids.

Tell us about your family. How was your childhood in Nigeria?

I’m the first born of seven children, two boys and five girls. Growing up in Nigeria was the best experience I have ever had. Visiting my grand mum in the village during holidays and meeting my friends who also returned from township was everything.

Like yesterday, I remember all the fetching of water, firewood, helping my grandma in the farm, helping her to sell her roasted fish and salt. No fear of kidnappers, criminals or killers. How I miss those good old days.

How was your first experience in Europe, was it easy for you to adapt to the weather, food, language and the system in Germany?

My first experience in Europe was a funny one. My food experience started in the flight. What I thought was food turned out to be a cold soft cheese.

The weather wasn’t so bad the month I came as I expected, but I got the first shock that year’s winter in February when I saw the first snow. It was minus 27 degrees! The sight of ice falling from the sky was an experience I wouldn’t forget. It was very difficult for me communicating with people, I communicated with people using hand signs … it was very frustrating I can tell you.

Delia Innoma and husband1You have been married for very long. Some interracial marriages don’t last past few years after the wedding, what’s the secret behind the success of your marriage?

To be honest, that was the very first thing I heard even before I got married. We have been together and married for over 24 years now. The truth is, there is no secret in marriage. It is an institution where you learn every day. Be patient, love more and count less of the wrongs. Have mutual understanding, respect one another, fight and learn how to make up without involving a third party. Learn how to listen to one another. Most importantly, to remain married and make it work is a personal choice. It is a decision you can only make after you said, “I do”. I believe my biggest secret is that I don’t see colour, I see a good man.

Delia Innoma and husbandThe readers would like to know about your profession and achievements, kindly enlighten us?

I am a writer, promoter, founder and CEO of Diamond Celebrities Media. I’d say, growing our Social Media followers from 0 to millions of followers is the biggest achievement for us. Our gratitude goes to our fans and DC family, we love you all. Without your support we can’t be where we are today. Thank you all for your love and support.

Delia InnomaHow does it feel to have won many awards across Europe? Tell us more about the awards you have won.

It feels good when your work is being appreciated, I’m very grateful. Kudos to DC team and especially my right hand man and DC Chief Editor, Chigozie Nwafor (Don Saint). I dedicate the awards to him for his never giving up attitude.

Apart from Diamond Celebrities winning Magazine of the year Award at Beffta in London, I have won Papyrus CEO Award in Abuja Nigeria, Women Appreciating Women Award (WAW) in London, Divas of Colour Media Personality of the Year in London.

Your kids are talented artists that are proud to be German/Nigerians, was it easy to make them proud of their root?

Right from day one, they knew their mum came from Nigeria with a large family. Like my daughter always says “millions of Uncles and Aunties, how can I remember their names?” Lol! The need to make them accept and appreciate their multicultural background started from the kindergarten when they started feeling somehow discriminated. I just let them know they were unique, special and smarter. It was a continuous process.

Delia Innoma WAWYour son is popular for his YouTube videos and your daughter is a talented artist. They have been featured in German national newspapers. How do you cope with the training of such talented kids? What is your advice to parents who have creative children?

Just watch what they love doing, praise them and advise them to take it seriously. Don’t push them, hence they will lose interest. Buy the necessary things they need, give it to them and just encourage them to use it. My son who was producing and directing his YouTube videos recently decided to take a break for his studies. I encouraged him to write a book and he switched to that. The truth is that every child is talented, we just have to figure out what they love and encourage them. Like I said before, don’t let them do that as a job or push them beyond their willingness.

Delia Innoma3You are used to interviewing celebrities, publishing news on artists and events, promoting businesses, etc. How do you feel being interviewed now?

Hahaha… it’s always difficult being at the other side of the seat. This is truthfully not my comfort zone. But I enjoyed it all the same. Thank you for the opportunity.

Nigeria is not currently at its best, what is your dream/vision for our country and what would you advice Nigerians?

Just like every other person, my dream is for us to have a good government and good people who have the interest of the country at heart. My advice is for everyone to get a voting card. Your voting card is your power to remove or put anyone in power. Vote for the good people and do not cast your vote because of a party. Same people are jumping from one party to another. I hope Nigeria will arise as a nation to vote.

By Nwanne Campo

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