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How to get the monkeypox vaccine in Germany, who can also get it

Germany news. The monkeypox virus has spreading in Germany and the vaccine panel is recognised a new solution- that three groups of people get the shot. Here’s who can get the shot and how:

What is the situation with monkeypox in Germany?

The virus is currently at 2,82 confirm cases as reported by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

The virus, which causes small lesions on the skin alongside flu-like symptoms, is primarily transmitted through close physical and sexual contact. The vast majority of cases have so far been found in gay men, though five women have also had the virus in Germany to date. 

Two teenage boys had recently contracted the virus aged 15 and 17, we wrote about it here: Germany: RKI reports two minors infected with monkeypox

The WHO declared the situation to be one that exceeds the international scope which is the highest alert level possible.

What monkeypox vaccines are available? 

The smallpox vaccine Imvanex, which has been available in the EU since 2013, was approved for use against the monkeypox virus on July 22nd, 2022. 

People are generally protected against monkeypox for at least two years after their first dose of Imvanex, but doctors recommend a second dose after a four-week interval in order to make this protection permanent wrote Thelocal.

The vaccine is perceived as a preventative measure but can also be used up as a post -exposure measure to lower riisks of contraction.

Who are the vaccines recommended for?

The Standing Vaccines Commission (STIKO) has recommended that two primary groups of people get a monkeypox jab: men who have multiple male sexual partners and people who work in infectious disease laboratories.

How can you book our monkeypox jab in Germany?

The situation now dictates that one find what what is the procedure in their state. Some issue the shot via the local health authorities and others supply the doses to specialised HIV clinics and hospitals.