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Major changes in Germany: Cannabis legalization and reduced parental allowance in April 2024

Life in Germany. Important changes in April 2024. One major change might involve legalizing cannabis. Additionally, there are several price changes occurring in different sectors like parental support, gas, and district heating.

Important changes in April 2024: Parental allowance will be reduced

From April 1st, the income threshold for parental allowance will be altered. Parents opting to stay home after a child’s birth can receive parental allowance up to an annual taxable income of €200,000. This threshold also applies to single parents, as reported by

If both parents choose to stay home simultaneously, they can only receive the basic parental allowance concurrently for a maximum of one month, limited to the first twelve months of the child’s life.
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Speed camera marathon hunts the speeders

During European Speed Week from April 15 to April 21, 2024 (Monday to Sunday), German road users should anticipate increased speed checks and speed traps. Drivers are advised to reduce their speed and pay close attention to their speedometer. Failure to comply may result in fines or even the loss of driving privileges.

Cannabis law will come into effect

From April 1st, cannabis will be partially legalized for adults. Individuals aged 18 and above will be permitted to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis for personal consumption. Additionally, individuals will be allowed to cultivate up to three live cannabis plants within their own residence and possess up to 50 grams of cannabis for personal use.
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However, smoking cannabis in public spaces will be prohibited, particularly in schools, sports grounds, and within a 100-meter radius of their entrance areas. The legislation is anticipated to be ratified by the Bundesrat on March 22nd. While it does not require approval, the federal state chamber could potentially engage with the Bundestag mediation commission, potentially slowing down the process.

Changes for students

At the beginning of the summer semester, students at numerous universities have the option to acquire a discounted transport pass priced at €29.40 per month, allowing them access to buses and trains across the country. However, not all universities participate in this program. Some individuals opt out due to the availability of semester passes offered at lower rates elsewhere.

Shorter return times at Amazon

Amazon is reducing the return period for specific items from 30 days to the legal minimum of 14 days. This change will be fully implemented starting April 25th. The products affected by this rule adjustment include cameras, computers, other electronic devices, and video games