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List of stress-free professions in Germany that pay well

List of stress-free professions in Germany that pay well

Work in Germany. Stress-free jobs in Germany. Working at places where you are constantly under pressure is not exactly a dream job. The good news is there are also professions that do not have a lot of hassle. These professions are stress free and well-paying:

Animal keeper

As an animal keeper , you have contact with animals and can care for them in zoos such as the Wilhelma in Stuttgart, animal shelters and other institutions. Compared to being a veterinarian, being a pet sitter is also much less stressful. Although the work can be physically demanding, it is often fulfilling.
The minimum average salary of an animal keeper is 25,500 euros, with the best case the salary increases up to 34,400 euros.

Facility Manager / caretaker

There are many names to describe this job, but generally means person responsible for building and property maintenance. Most buildings require regular maintenance and repair, which means that caretakers must be able to perform a variety of tasks. In Germany, most caretakers earn from 27,020 euros to 31,440 euros, with the average being 31,200 euros.

This job profession has the advantage of a flexible work schedule. You may often adjust your work schedule to attend to personal matters or other commitments. In many cases, caregivers can also work independently and do not need to be constantly supervised.


According to scientific studies, nature has been proven to have a calming effect on our psyche and is also good for our health. Therefore, that the gardening profession is considered stress-free. Gardeners use their creativity to design, plant and cultivate gardens to create beautiful and vibrant outdoor spaces. The work takes place most of the time outdoors. Ideal for those who don’t like going to the office.

The average salary annually is 30,500 euros, and can increase up to 43,900 euros.


Librarians have a consistent routine and generally have a quiet workspace. They help people find information and often work flexible working hours. Responsibilities vary from inventory management and maintenance to organizing community events and programs.

The average annual salary of a librarian in Germany is 40,000 euros. From a starting salary of around 26,900 euros, you can double it with increasing experience: annual salaries of up to 63,200 euros are possible.


Archivist organize and maintain documents and historical records, similar to the librarian. They work regular hours and the work environment is mostly quiet and air-conditioned. Other reasons why being an archivist is attractive is:
Passion for history and culture: Archivists often have a passion for history, culture, and the preservation of information and artifacts. They enjoy researching, cataloging and preserving old documents, photographs, records and other artifacts to ensure they are preserved for future generations. An archivist’s job often requires careful and meticulous work to ensure that information and artifacts are properly cataloged and stored.
Archivists often work for government or non-profit organizations, which means the job usually offers a high level of job security. Archivists can work in different fields, such as government archives, libraries, museums, or historical societies. There is also the opportunity to work in research and teaching.

Currently the average salary for archivists is €39,200 in Germany. The minimum average salary starts at €32,400 and annual salary increased up to 46,300 euros.

Graphic designer

Graphic designers often have the opportunity to work from home. Another advantage of the job is usually flexible working hours and good salary.
Most graphic designers in Germany earn between €31,660 and €38,120. The starting salary with less than 3 years of professional experience is between 25,200 euros and 31,660 euros. The highest paid graphic designers usually have more than ten years of professional experience and can expect an annual salary of up to €57,500

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