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List of 6 things you must do to appear as a local in Germany

List of six things you must do as a local in Germany

Life in Germany. Six things you must do as a local in Germany. Surely after staying in Germany for even a short time, you will get into the habit of doing the following automatically.

What are the six things you must do?

1 – Applauding when the plane lands: This is considered a gesture of appreciation for the crew, especially if there was a turbulence.

2 – Obsessively recycling: Germans take this activity very seriously. Supermarkets have an extremely easy system to return your “Pfand” money on bottles. There are automatic machines in Germany where you insert the crate of bottles and receive the money. There are long queues at such machines especially on the weekends. Bottle collecting in every German home, whether people are rich or poor. Throwing a beer bottle in the trash is almost sacrilege.

3 – You are quick at home: In Germany when you go grocery shopping, yoiu need to be mentally and physically prepared. Unlike other countries no one will put your shopping in a bag. There is practically a competition between the German cashier and the customer: who is the fastest. When your slow, expect frowns from both the cashier and the customers waiting behind you.

4 – Only crossing the street when the traffic light turns green: If in some countries it seems reasonable to cross after looking and seeing that no car is coming, in Germany this is seen as a bad example for children.

5 – Saying hello to sellers at the store: Not greeting sellers at the store is considered impolite and rude. Even when you havent bought anything, it is mandatory to say hello. Germans are not known for being friendly, but they never forget to greet a customer. And I always say I say “Tschüß” when leaving. The explanation would be that stores in Germany tend to be small and intimate than the malls or supermarkets we are used to.

6 – Have no problems with nudity: If you are a member of a fitness club in Germany you have to get used to nudity in areas frequented by both sexes.

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