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Know the Risks: Fines & Penalties for Incorrect Overtaking in Germany

Fines for incorrect overtaking in Germany.

Traffic fines in Germany. Overtaking fines in Germany. In Germany, incorrect overtaking can result in not only a substantial fine but also the loss of your driving license. Furthermore, such a manoeuvre carries penalty points. It’s important to note that according to the German Highway Code, failing to maintain a proper distance during overtaking is also considered an offense.

Please note that according to the German Highway Code, not keeping the right distance when making a manoeuvre is a punishable offence. Here is the current catalogue of fines in Germany for incorrect overtaking:
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When is overtaking prohibited?

Overtaking is prohibited, among other times, when there is a solid line on the road or an appropriate road sign informing you about the prohibition of overtaking. If the traffic situation is unclear, you should also refrain from overtaking, otherwise an accident could occur.

What are the penalties in Germany for incorrect overtaking?

If you violate the overtaking regulations, you can be fined between 20 and 300 euros according to the fines catalogue. Depending on how serious the violation was, you may also receive penalty points and a driving ban. See the table below for details on the potential consequences of an incorrect overtaking manoeuvre.
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Penalties for incorrect overtaking in Germany 2023: Current list of fines

Type of offence
(passenger car)
The amount of the fine Penalty pointsNo driving
Difficulty driving an overtaken vehicle20€
Failure to keep the correct distance when overtaking (up to 80 km/h)30€
Overtaking a vehicle that is only slightly slower80€1
Overtaking a vehicle that is moving only slightly slower with property damage120€1
Overtaking in the right lane within the city30€
Overtaking in the right lane within a city with property damage35€
Overtaking in the right lane outside the city100€1
Overtaking in the right lane outside the city with the risk of other road users120€1
Overtaking overtaking in the right lane outside the city with property damage145€1
Overtaking on a pedestrian crossing80€1
Overtaking with limited visibility100€1
Overtaking when visibility is limited and overtaking is prohibited€1501
Overtaking prohibited and with limited visibility€2502One month
Overtaking prohibited and with limited visibility with damage to property300€2One month

Fahrverbot in Germany – What is it?

In Germany, “Fahrverbot” refers to a temporary driving ban. It may be imposed as a penalty for various driving offenses. This includes speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, or serious road traffic violations. Typically, this ban is short-term and can range from one month to three months, depending on the severity of the offense.

Individuals who receive a Fahrverbot for prohibited overtaking must surrender their driving license to the appropriate authorities for the specified period. Once the ban period concludes, the driving license is returned, allowing the individual to resume driving.