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Germany: Only these 14 German banks still offer free bank accounts

Looking to open a free bank account in Germany? Many banks are veering from the idea of free bank accounts but these remain the only 14 banks in Germany that offer free current accounts.

From the latest report conducted by Stiftung Warentest, the  search for a free  account, without special conditions, becomes more and more difficult in Germany . This year, only 14 banks remain offering this type of current accounts, compared to 20 years earlier.

Stiftung Warentest did an analysis on 380 accounts at 152 banks. In 14 banks, when opening free accounts, no basic fees are charged for; statements, a debit card, withdrawing cash from an ATM, and are without the requirement of a minimum amount that must be credited to the account very month.

The following banks offer free current accounts:

  1. 1822direkt – 1822Mobile
  2. C24 Bank – Smart account
  3. DKB – Cash
  4. Edekabank – Edek’s account
  5. KT Bank – current account
  6. Raiffeisenbank im Hochtaunus – online account only
  7. PSD Nuremberg – GiroDirekt
  8. Santander – BestGiro
  9. Sparda Hessen – Giro
  10. VR Bank Niederbayern-Oberpfalz – My GiroDirekt
  11. PSD Hessen-Thuringia – GiroOnline
  12. PSD Munich – GiroDirekt
  13. PSD Rhein-Ruhr – GiroDirekt
  14. Volksbank BraWo – My account.

Who are Stiftung Warentest?

 – A foundation, based in Berlin, founded in 1964 by the German government as an institute whose task is to conduct comparative tests of products and services. It is a completely independent body, so no one can influence what and how something will be tested.

The goal of the Warentest Foundation is to create a transparent market and inform consumers about the possibilities of optimising their purchasing choices, as well as increasing consumer awareness. Products and services are tested using scientific methods in independent laboratories around the world.

Warentest reports the test results in its magazines: the test  and  FINANZtest monthly magazines, as well as numerous thematic specials and books.

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