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How to obtain Daueraufenthaltsbescheinigung EU for permanent residence

Permanent residence in Germany. Life in GermanyWhat benefits does the Daueraufenthaltsbescheinigung EU document offer? If you’re considering a long-term stay in Germany, this document isn’t just a formality—it grants access to numerous privileges that can greatly improve life in Germany. We take a look at what permanent resident status entails and the steps required to obtain it.

What does the Daueraufenthaltsbescheinigung EU document provide?

Obtaining the right to permanent residence in Germany provides foreigners with the ability to legally reside in the country for an indefinite period. This status offers security, allowing individuals to live in Germany without concern about losing their residency rights due to changes in their employment situation. It’s important to note that permanent resident status is distinct from German citizenship; individuals with permanent residence maintain citizenship of their home country while benefiting from rights and privileges similar to those of German citizens.
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The Daueraufenthaltsbescheinigung EU is the document that confirms the right to permanent residence for European Union citizens and their families, issued under EU regulations. Possessing this document greatly streamlines the process of completing various formalities, such as applying for German benefits like Kindergeld. Individuals with a Daueraufenthaltsbescheinigung EU certificate also experience simplified procedures when submitting applications for benefits, as fewer additional certificates are required by offices.

Permanent residence in Germany – after how many years?

Under the provisions of free movement rights, EU citizens who have legally resided in Germany for 5 years acquire the right to permanent residence. This means they can reside in Germany regardless of meeting free movement conditions. Upon application to the foreigners’ office, EU citizens receive a permanent residence certificate,” states the federal government on its website.

To apply for a permanent residence certificate in Germany (Daueraufenthaltsbescheinigung EU), individuals submit an application to the Ausländerbehörde office.

Permanent residence rights for family members of EU citizen

The right to permanent residence in Germany also extends to family members and close relatives who have legally resided in Germany together with the EU citizen for five years. If they are not EU citizens themselves, they are eligible to receive a permanent residence card within 6 months of submitting their application.
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These people can obtain permanent residence in Germany within 5 years

In certain special cases, EU citizens have the right to obtain permanent residence status even before the standard 5-year period has passed.

  • It is available in particular in the following situations ( § 4a section 2 FreizügG/UE ),
  • cessation of paid work over the age of 65, 
  • earlier retirement,
    complete limitation of earning capacity as a result of an accident at work or an occupational disease