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Germany: there will be more freedom for Germans to travel abroad from June 15th

The German government passed a document on Wednesday that will allow the lifting of travel warnings to 31 countries from June 15th, according to the German press agency dpa. In practice, this means that Germany will finally be able to go abroad.

On March 17th the head of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued for the first time in history about guarding against travel to all tourist destinations around the world. This is an unprecedented step in German history. So far, the warnings of the local ministry of foreign affairs concerned only areas where it was very dangerous – for example, Afghanistan or Syria. Due to the upcoming holidays and the improving epidemiological situation, the government in Berlin intends to lift the warning before travelling to 31 countries from 15th June. It comes from 26 partner countries of Germany in the European Union, Great Britain, which left the EU and four non-EU countries belonging to the Schengen area, namely: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.