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Germany, drivers to face higher fines for traffic violations

The transport ministry in Germany has raised the catalogue of fines for driving in Germany. The previous strict driving ban has been lifted and rule violations will now be more expensive for motorists.

The new rules were endorsed by the Federal and state governments and were put forward to the public by the chairwoman of the Transport Minister’s Conference (VMK).

The fines were partly doubled and new offences were introduced for drivers in Germany:

  • Exceeding the speed limit (15 km-hr) in urban areas with cost you 50 euros. It was 25 euros before.
  • If you’re out of town exceeding 20 km/hr will cot you 60 euros instead of 30 euros.
  • Anyone who does not form an emergency lane in a traffic jam or even uses it themselves must expect a fine of between 200 and 320 euros and a month’s driving ban.
  • Parking under the general no-stopping or parking ban will cost you a ticket of up to 55 euros instead of a previous 15 euros.
  • Illegal parking on sidewalks and cycle paths as well as unauthorised stopping on protective strips and parking and stopping in the second row will be increased by up to 110 euros.
  • The penalty for unauthorised parking in a parking lot for the disabled will be increased from 35 to 55 euros.
  • In urban areas, trucks are only allowed to turn at walking pace.
  • A new offence is introduced: unauthorised parking in a parking lot for electrically powered and car sharing vehicles. This offence is punished with a fine of 55 euros.
  • Parking in officially marked fire brigade driveways or with a disability in emergency vehicles costs up to 100 euros.
  • Fines for stopping or parking violations on special bus lanes and in the bus stop area are increased from up to 35 euros to up to 100 euros.
  • Auto-posing: The fine for causing unnecessary noise and avoidable exhaust pollution as well as annoying useless driving back and forth of up to 20 euros is increased to up to 100 euros.

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The Federal Transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer, said the agreement was a huge breakthrough and that it was a fair compromise for the price of driving in Germany safely and with caution.

About the waiver of stricter driving bans, he said: “It’s a matter of your wallet, but not your driving license. Proportionality is maintained.”

Source: Zeit,