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Germany: Changes to the child bonus and child benefit in 2022

Germany changes to the child bonus and child benefit in 2022.

Germany’s government is to make some changes to the child bonus and child benefit in 2022 to compensate for the high cost of living and offer relief to parents. Here are the changes and who is entitled to it:

To support families the government wants to pay out a one-time payment of 100 euros per child via the family benefit in addition to child benefit. It will be very similr to the coronabonus paid in 2020 and 2021.

Anyone who receives social benefits should receive a further one-off payment of 100 euros in addition to the 100 euros subsidy that has already been decided.

Child benefit and child bonus: what will change in Germany in 2022

First things first, every parent in Germany is entitled to child benefit by law.

At the beginning of 2021, the monthly payments were increased by 15 euros per child. Since then, the first and second child have received 219 euros and, there is 225 euros for the third child and from four children there is 250 euros for each additional child. You are entitled to child benefit if:

Is there a child bonus again in 2022?

As part of the relief package, another €100 child bonus will be paid out by the family benefits office. This should be paid out in July. We wrote about it here: Germany: 100 euros child bonus, when will you receive it?

The amount of the child supplement has changed. It was 205 euros in 2021, it has now increased slightly to 209 euros per month per child to offer more relief to parents.

According to HNA, there might not be any changes in the time being to the child bonus.