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Germany, Anti-Racism helpline available in Essen

Africans in Germany facing racial discrimination can now seek assistance in an anti-racism helpline in Essen. The helpline functions as a great resource for the fight against racism.

While racism might be rampant and victims are often silenced (if not ignored) there are places where one can go to report and fight racism i.e. The Intercultural Solidarity Centre/ Anti-Racism Telephone Essen offers a helpline.

The centre was founded in March 1994 and has been an independent institution of Essen citizens who are active against racist /fascist developments and for the equal coexistence of different cultures.

It’s office is in within the ‘anti-racism telephone’ is in Steuben Str. 49, 45138 Essen.

Aside from this, it also hosts events, participates in activities of groups and institutions with comparable approaches and links them together.

The staff members of the anti-racism telephone volunteer their time to support the interests of people suffering from racial discrimination. They also work for racism and right-wing radicalism.

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The centre wants to contribute to the dialogue between the different cultures in Essen. The project, ANTI-RACISM TELEPHONE, is financially supported by different organisations and private donations. Here’s what they help with:

  • If you need any advice,
  • If you need to contact a lawyer, a doctor, an interpreter or any other professionals,
  • If there are problems with the administration and / or the authorities,
  • If you have trouble with your neighbours, your landlord, your employer or others,
  • If you feel treated badly, bothered or threatened,
  • If you just need someone to talk to.

Those who have faced racial discrimination can call or visit the centre at any time. The centre stands for:

  • Friendliness and solidarity between the cultures
  • Interest and openness instead of prejudices
  • Dialog instead of hostility

Their website is here and you can call their number if you need help, It is multilingual : +49 201-23-20-60

Source: African Mums in Deutschland