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German Visa fees – who qualifies for reductions or waivers

The current fee for all types of German visa is 60 Euros. This fee has been in force since 14th May 2008, and must be paid upon submission of the application.

Exemptions may be possible. For instance, the Visa Code (Schengen visas) and the Ordinance Governing Residence (national visas) provide for fee reductions or waivers in certain cases.

German flag
German flag

Fee waivers for Schengen visas
Regardless of nationality, visa fees are waived by all Schengen states for the following categories of persons.

• Children under six years

• School pupils, undergraduates, postgraduates and accompanying teaching staff who undertake trips for the purpose of study or training

• Representatives of non-profit organisations aged 25 years or less participating in seminars, conferences, sports, cultural or educational events organised by non-profit organisations

• Researchers from third countries travelling within the European Community for the purpose of carrying out scientific research as defined in Recommendation 2005/761/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 September 2005

• For the “replacement” of an old, valid visa in a “full” travel document (one that has no empty pages) with a new visa valid for the same period in the applicant’s new travel document b)

Fee waivers for national visas
• Foreign nationals receiving a scholarship from public funds during their stay in Germany, as well as their spouse or partner and minor children as long as they are covered by the funding

• Members of the diplomatic missions, consular posts and international organisations in Germany, as well as their spouse and children up to and including the age of 25

• Where Germany has undertaken to do so in bilateral or multilateral agreements

c) Visa fees are waived for the spouses, same-sex partners in a civil union and minor single children of German citizens, the parents of minor German citizens and family members of EU/EEA nationals, provided they enjoy freedom of movement.

Reduced fees
a) The visa facilitation agreements with Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan stipulate a fee of EUR 35.00 for a Schengen visa worldwide and various waivers of this visa fee (e.g. for visits to relatives). For those nationals of Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and Albania who still require a visa (holders of non-biometric passports), visa facilitation agreements stipulate a fee of EUR 35.00.

b) A reduced fee of EUR 35.00 for granting a Schengen visa applies to children between the ages of 6 and 12.

c) For national visas, the fee for minors is half of the regular rate, i.e. EUR 30.00. The German missions will also consider waiving or reducing the fees charged in individual cases if the applicant is seeking to enter the country to promote cultural interests, interests in the field of foreign policy, development policy or other areas of vital public interest or for humanitarian reasons. Foreign exhibitors at German trade fairs who present an official trade fair pass are also exempt from the visa fee. Enquiries regarding visa fees in individual cases should be directed to the German mission responsible for the application in question.

By Germany’s Federal Foreign Office

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