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How to apply for Family Reunification in Germany through financial sponsorship

Family reunification Germany: Conditions necessary for bringing relatives to Germany according to the financial guarantee program. The method of obtaining a visa to travel to Germany for the purpose of residence varies according to the legal status of the resident who is trying to bring his family or relatives to Germany.

  • A person entitled to asylum has the right to bring his wife/her husband and minor children without any conditions, except that they keep the period of the application for family unification within three months from the date they are informed of the asylum decision.
  • As for those entitled to protection, they were allowed to reunite with their families after the eighth month in 2018, and the law did not state the necessity of preserving the period.

What are the conditions for reunification according to the financial guarantee program?

  • That relatives are invited to the third degree, such as uncle, grandfather, brother, etc., who fled from war (German law considers uncle a second degree, while for us he is a third degree).
  • That the person has resided in Germany for at least one year.
  • Be a resident of at least one year in Berlin (special law for Berlin).
  • To be a holder of Syrian, Iraqi, or German citizenship, or a citizen of the European Union. 
  • The primary important condition is the monthly income of the resident or sponsor, and Berlin is one of the states that overestimate income; It requires from the resident or his/her sponsor a monthly income of 2,310 euros net after tax to bring one person (this is if the resident is single). If he/she is married, they must receive an income of not less than 3200 euros, and if they are married and have a child, his/her income must reach 3626 euros. And by increasing each child or everyone who wants to bring them, their income should increase by approximately 420 euros.
    Of course, a resident can secure more than one guarantor, and it is not required that the sponsor them self be a applicant for Family reunification in Germany, but they can be another person, and it is not required that they be in the same state, but a guarantor from a second state can be secured.

Note : The sponsor is committed to all accommodation and living expenses for a period of five years, with the exception of health insurance, which is paid by the state

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Essential requirement for family reunification in Germany

What documents are required to be secured to follow up the procedures for family unification through a financial guarantee?

  • For the employee sponsor:
    • Salary statement for the previous six months.
    • A copy of the work contract.
    • A statement from the employer that the sponsor is still in action.
  • As for the sponsor who works in liberal professions (i.e. he/she has no fixed salary), there are two cases:
    The first case : a natural person (meaning other than companies), they must present:
    • A statement from the tax advisor of your net monthly income
    • The last tax assignment from the Department of Finance
    • A statement on private health insurance with a statement of the monthly insurance value.
      Second case : For legal persons (such as companies), and you must provide:
    • Fill out documents related to legal persons, which are private and may only be filled out by a tax advisor, an economist, or a person in charge of tax audit.

The documents required from the applicant :

  • A copy of the passport or ID and the residence statement
  • A family statement showing the relationship of kinship between the person applying for family unification and the person seeking family reunification, translated by a sworn translator.
  • A copy of the passport of the person to be invited to Germany.
  • Determine the method of communication with the person residing outside Germany (address – e-mail, etc. …).
  • The application fee of 29 euros per person who is invited.