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Driving while on the phone is considered an offence in Germany. Here’s all you need to know

Driving while on the phone is considered an offence in Germany. Here’s all you need to know

Life in Germany. Fines for driving while on the phone. Risks for an accident are increased when you keep your eyes on your mobile phone instead of the road.

Under § 23 of the Road Traffic Act (StVO), anyone who uses a mobile phone while driving risks a heavy fine. Drivers caught in violation risk not only a fine and penalty points, but also losing their license. Here is all you need to know:

How much is the fine for violation of the traffic rule?

If you use a mobile phone while driving, you can expect a fine of 100 euros and a point in Flensburg. If you create a dangerous situation on the road or cause an accident because of using your phone while driving, the fine increases to 150 or 200 euros. In addition, you will receive two penalty points and a one-month driving ban.

Texting, filming and taking photos also prohibited while driving

This means that the fine is not only for making phone calls while driving, but also for using other functions of the mobile phone, such as sending text messages, taking pictures, etc. Basically, the mobile phone should not be anywhere near the drivers hands.

The use of other electronic devices while driving is also strictly prohibited in Germany. You cannot set navigation or use a tablet while driving. The district court in Essen imposed a fine of 100 euros on a driver who held a so-called SmartKey, a car key with a built-in display. It’s electronics too.

Fines for using a mobile phone while driving in Germany

OffenseMandatePenalty pointsNo driving
A driver using a mobile phone while driving €1001
A driver using a mobile phone while driving, creating a danger on the road€15021 month
…with property damage€20021 month
Using a mobile phone while cycling€55

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