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Drivers who violate this road sign face a penalty of 100 euros

Drivers who violate this road sign face a penalty of 100 euros

Life in Germany. Mobile phone traffic sign. Drivers picking up their smartphones while driving are liable to prosecution. Drivers in Germany will be photographed using innovative software as soon as they pick up their mobile phones while behind the wheel, this as part of the “Mobile Phone Monitoring” pilot project.

Actions such as making a phone call or reading an SMS while driving, are considered a major cause of accidents. But this can only rarely be proven. A pilot project in Germany aims to change that. Started on June 1 in the Trier area under the leadership of the police. At a presentation, Rhineland-Palatinate Interior Minister Roger Lewentz (SPD) said, “The goal is Vision Zero: zero road deaths by 2050.”

The traffic camera will monitor mobile phone use while driving

The Monocam system recognizes in a live stream when a car or truck driver holds up a smartphone or tablet and then automatically takes a photo. As not all images are clear, they will be evaluated by trained police officers on a computer connected to the camera. Anyone caught driving with a mobile phone in hand will get a point in the Flensburg, and must pay a fine of 100 euros.

More violations despite the notice

The Trier police headquarters used the camera for three months. After that, it’s Mainz’s turn for the same amount of time. About 20 violations per hour recorded on the first test in heavy traffic on the Autobahn 60 near Mainz. Although a large sign indicated control. “Monitoring mobile phone ban” and a camera icon can be seen on it.

Drivers are putting themselves and others at risk by using their smartphone or other electronic devices while driving. Phone calls and texting is now considered one of the leading causes of accidents. The state aims to increase road safety with the pilot project.

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Source: ADAC