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COVID-19: Germany introduces new quarantine laws

Germany has introduced new quarantine regulation that will be effective from April 10th 2020 to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The regulations require that all those returning to Germany from abroad will have to submit a mandatory two-week quarantine after arriving in the country.

According to dpa, the new regulations should take effect from April 10 and will apply to people staying abroad for several days.

Therefore quarantine will not have to be carried out by persons who live in neighbouring countries and cross the border for work every day, because they work in Germany.

To add to this rule, drivers in international transport and medical staff will be released from their 14- day isolation obligation.

Coronavirus in Italy: When will new infections be eliminated?

Germany had closed its borders since mid-March to curb the coronavirus pandemic spreading and only German citizens, foreigners who are resident in Germany and foreigners whose reason for travel is considered valid can enter the country.

This was allowing EU citizens who pass through Germany to their country to gain passage.

The new restrictions will not apply to people crossing the border on a daily basis, international transport drivers and medical personnel.

In view of the spring weather, the German government warns citizens to strictly observe the contact ban in the fight against the coronavirus even over Easter.

“We must continue to do everything we can to prevent the virus from spreading too quickly in Germany. Unfortunately, this also applies to Easter – as bitter as this is for many families and circles of friends”, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas told the German Press Agency.

He added that, a look across the borders showed even more dramatically than in Germany, how deadly the coronavirus was.

Given that Germany has the best chances of handling cases of COVID-19 infections has led to it offering a helping hand to other countries in the EU.

Coronavirus: why Germany has low death rates

Just recently 198 seriously ill patients were admitted in the country. Currently there are still commitments for 58 treatment places that have not been taken up, a spokesperson for the Foreign Office said in Berlin.

He said that 130 patients from France, 44 patients from Italy and 24 more from the Netherlands had been brought to Germany.