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The 3 best warning apps in Germany – for disasters, dangerous situations

Warning applications in Germany: Warn against various disasters and other dangerous situations. Here are the three best warning apps in Germany that each of us should have on our smartphone.

NINA warning app

NINA is the official information and news app of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (Bundesamtes für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe).

Via the NINA application, users receive important alerts on the phone of various types of hazardous situations, such as the spread of hazardous substances or a major fire, floods, violent storms and hurricanes. It also warns of regional threats, for example when defusing WWII bombs. The application works throughout Germany .

For civil protection and disaster protection authorities, the NINA alert app is a fast and effective way to protect the population. In addition to the alert function, the NINA app also provides basic information and emergency advice on possible threats.

The app is available for Android  and  iOS  . It is also available as a web application.

Katwarn warning app

The Katwarn app was developed by the Fraunhofer Fokus Institute on behalf of the public insurers.

It warns of severe weather conditions across the country and uses information from the German weather service. The app also provides information on major fires or natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. The senders of reports are, among others fire control centres, the German meteorological service, flood and earthquake control centres and the police.

The app only works in limited space, so you must enter your zip code and you can define a radius by entering seven additional zip codes. If you stay in this area, you will be able to receive alerts.

Hessenwarn  has its own Hesse warning app which was developed by Katwarn.

Katwarn application is available for smartphones running  Android  and  iOS .

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WarnWetter warning app

Thanks to WarnWetter, the German Weather Service provides information on the dangers of the weather on smartphones. In addition to classic weather warnings, the user also receives information about floods, storm waves and avalanches.

WarnWetter is a weather app and therefore also includes all common features such as weather forecast.

WarnWetter is available for free on Android  and  iOS , but only in the basic version. Viewing precipitation and other forecasts up to seven days is only available in the paid version.