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Why we are holding Black Lives Matter demos in Italy

What does Black Lives Matter mean in our social context in Italy? Is it possible to talk about Black Lives Matter without addressing the migratory issues in Europe and particularly in Italy?

These two questions must guide our action to promote social justice for all.

We must be lucid and responsible enough to understand a fundamental thing; the rights of a person do not take away those of others.

Safeguarding the rights of black people in a society doesn’t take away the rights of white people. It in fact strengthens the rule of law and promotes social justice and peace.

Our Black Lives Matter demo taking place tomorrow in Piazza Umberto 1, Bari, from 17:00, will not be a mere protest or the umpteenth spontaneous demonstration without a goal.

We want to awaken and challenge politicians, especially the government because they have the power and it is their duty to erase injustices perpetuated by unjust and racial decrees such as Decreto Sicurezza designed by Matteo Salvini, the leader of the League party. The government has the power and responsibility to reform the Immigration Law by coming up with a law that is fair and relevant for our modern multicultural society.

Politicians and the government also have the power and responsibility to promote a peaceful society for all.

Black Lives Matter demo to take place in Bari

We will therefore, even after tomorrow’s demonstration, continue not only to denounce injustices and racism, but also challenge the national and local governments to fight systemic racism and promote social inclusion.

Join us in this fight, it’s a struggle for civilization, not only for Black People.

Let’s meet on Saturday 27th June 202 in Piazza Umberto 1, Bari, from 17:00.

By Afana Bella Dieudonne aka Capitano Dido