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Vulcano eruption in Sicily. Mount Etna shoots red hot lava into night sky, colourful plumes of smoke – IMAGES

Italy’s Mount Etna vulcano eruption in Sicily has this evening shot spectacular lava fountains into the sky with imposing clouds of ash visible from all over Eastern Sicily accompanied by volcanic tremor and roar. The new eruption is the most spectacular in many months.

The amazing vulcano eruption is taking place in the southeast crater of Mount Etna’s summit towering above Catania in the island of Sicily.

There is no danger, in any case, for people, houses or inhabited countries.

The sight was one to behold with smoky billowy clouds filled in with different colours and shapes and sizes. There is no sign of the lava receding at the moment. According to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, the cause of this eruption was the southeastern crater.

Ash the size of hail litters the foothills of the vulcano.

Authorities have called for a stop to the use of bicycles, scooters and motorcycles etc and any two-wheeled vehicle in all the streets of Catania to avoid accidents after the thick blanket of ash and lapilli that has fallen on the streets of the Etna municipality.

For the same reason, cars cannot exceed 30 km/hr throughout the area.

Here are the pictures of the amazing explosion after the Etna vulcano eruption in Sicily:
Etna volcano in Italy.
Etna volcano in Italy being seen erupting from the streets.
The sight of Etna volcano in Italy as it spews lava.
Etna volcano in Italy sending up jets of lava into the sky.
Etna volcano in Italy.
Amazing sight of coloured clouds being sighted after Mt. Etna exploding.
Etna volcano in Italy.