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Final week of regularisation of irregular migrant workers in Italy – Hurry up. Only 5 days left

Regularisation of irregular migrant workers: The process of regularising irregular migrant workers in Italy is on the final week. All who plan to submit their applications must do so by 15th August 2020 otherwise they will be locked out.

A couple of months ago the Italian government published a decree allowing irregular migrant workers in the country to regularise their status. It is not a general amnesty but all irregular immigrants in Italy. Only three categories of workers are allowed to apply for regularisation namely: domestic workers, care assistants and workers in the agricultural sector.

Almost 160,000 applications have so far been submitted. An employer who wants to apply to regularise their worker must pay a lumpsum amount of 500 euros for each worker. This amount has been seen as a major obstacle since many employers are quite reluctant to part with such an amount.

The employer is also required to provide proof of sufficient income to pay the worker’s salary and social security contributions.

Migrant workers to be regularised must prove to have been living and working in Italy by 8th March 2020.

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