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Germany: Addition to the Kindergeld (Kinderzuschlag) in 2022

How much is the Kinderzuschlag allowance in 2022 ? Everything you need to know about the Kinderzuschlag Child Supplement.

Everything you need to know about the Kinderzuschlag Child Supplement.

Kinderzuschlag: Who is entitled to?

People on low incomes receiving Kindergeld child benefit in Germany ( see Kindergeld allowance in 2022 ) are entitled to Kinderzuschlag child benefit if they meet certain conditions. According to the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, about 300,000 children benefited from it in January 2020 alone.

It is granted to parents in Germany (both or single parents) who meet these four conditions:

  • The child is under 25 years of age, is dependent on them and lives with them,
  • parents are already receiving Kindergeld child benefit,
  • the parents’ income is at least EUR 900 a month (for a couple) or EUR 600 (for a single mother or father), but they do not exceed the upper income limit set by social law,
  • are not receiving unemployment benefit Arbeitslosengeld II.

How long is the Kinderzuschlag awarded for?

Usually, the Kinderzuschlag is awarded for a period of 6 months. After this time, you must re-submit the application.

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Kindergeld allowance in 2022. How much will it be and who can apply for it?

When is Kinderzuschlag paid?

Kinderzuschlag is paid on  the same day to the same account  into which Kindergeld is transferred.

How much is the kindergeld (Kinderzuschlag) allowance in 2022?

The amount of the supplement is calculated on the basis of the income of both parents (guardians). From 1 January 2012, the  benefit will increase to a maximum of € 209/ month for each child, i.e. by just € 4.

source: Arbeitsagentur.de

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