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Valentinstag, or how Germany celebrates Valentine’s Day

Here’s how Valentine’s Day or Valentinstag is celebrated in Germany.

Red roses, chocolate sweets … and a pig

The symbols of Valentinstag /Valentine’s Day in Germany are, above all, red roses that signify love and eternal freshness of feeling, and heart-shaped chocolate or gingerbread sweets. If chocolates, necessarily made of marzipan coated with milk chocolate, if made of gingerbread, then in frosting with love patterns. In Germany, the symbol of prosperity, but also desire is … a pig! Therefore, do not be surprised that next to the hearts, it appears, for example, on Valentine’s Day cards.

Gala dinner

Valentine’s Day tradition in Germany also includes a gala dinner with a loved one in a restaurant, so it is worth booking a place in advance in the chosen restaurant, because it may turn out that at the last moment we will not be able to find a free table anywhere.

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Other traditions

In Germany, in addition to giving each other sweet gifts and having a romantic dinner, people also believe in all kinds of predictions, dreams and fortune-telling. It is said that the stranger who dreams of the girl the night before Valentine’s Day will be her absent, and the man whose girl sees the first on Valentine’s morning will become her husband.