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Germany: Vicious anti-coronavirus anti-mask demonstrations

Germany anti-coronavirus anti-mask mask demonstrations
17,000 protesters march streets to protest coronavirus restrictions

Several demonstrations were held in Germany on Saturday “against wearing masks” over the coronavirus pandemic, German police said. During a protest in Frankfurt am Main, the police used water cannons against counter-demonstrators.

With the approval of the city authorities, almost 1,000 people demonstrated in the centre of Frankfurt at the call of the Querdenker collective (Freethinker, Nonconformist) – the initiative of several assemblies that in recent months have been against the restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

They were disturbed by about 200 counter-demonstrators from the anti-racist movement, who put up a banner with the words “Right to the land”. The police used a water cannon to disperse the counter-demonstration that took place without the permission of the authorities, reports the AFP agency.

In Regensburg, Bavaria, in the south of the country, around 700 demonstrators have demonstrated without incident against restrictions, notably the wearing of masks and the closing of bars and restaurants, local police said.

Demonstrations are also scheduled for Sunday in western Germany, including in Lindau and Erlangen.

On November 7, in Leipzig, Saxony in eastern Germany, acts of violence occurred during a demonstration in which 20,000 people took part. people who oppose wearing masks. The police, which then made the arrests, said that they had been the target of “many attacks”, incl. objects and fireworks were thrown at her.

The government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel the next day condemned the violence and warned against the conspiracy theories he said were being put forward during these demonstrations.

The opponents of the restrictions related to the coronavirus epidemic include, in particular, anti-vaccine activists, conspiracy theorists, and supporters of the extreme right, writes AFP. Germany was one of the first European countries to develop such opposition to pandemic restrictions. (PAP)


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