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Coronavirus cases in Germany near 140,000

Pressure on the German government to drastically remove the lockdown measures could lead to a new burst of infections in Germany

Coronavirus continues to spread in Germany at a lower pace. Latest report shows that there were 2,458 new cases reported on 19th April.

So far there are 139,897 COVID-19 cases in Germany. The virus has already killed 4,294 people, the latest report from Robert Koch Institute shows.

The incidence (cases per 100,000) of COVID-19 is highest in Bavaria (286), BadenWuerttemberg (252), Saarland (233) and Hamburg (226).

The report shows that 48% of the infected are males while 52% are females. Among notified cases, 1,115 were children under 5 years of age (1%), 2,779 children aged 5 to 14 years (2%), 94,339 persons aged 15 to 59 years (68%), 26,917 persons aged 60 to 79 years (19%) and 14,548 persons aged 80 years and older (10%). The age of 199 notified cases is unknown. The median age of cases is 50 years.

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The common symptoms displayed by people infected by coronavirus in Germany are cough (51%), fever (42%) and rhinorrhoea (21%). Pneumonia was reported in 2,835 cases (3%).

At least 88,000 people are reported to have recovered from their COVID-19 infection.

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Out of the 4,294 killed by coronavirus in Germany, 2,486 (58%) were men and 1,805 (42%) women. The sex of 3 cases was not reported. The median age was 82 years. Of all the deaths, 3,708 (86%) were people aged at least 70 years.

Distribution of the laboratory-confirmed COVID-19-cases per federal state in Germany as on 19/4/2020

Baden-Wuerttemberg 27,883

Bavaria 37,407

Berlin 5,159

Brandenburg 2,221

Bremen 585

Hamburg 4,167

Hesse 7,108

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 651

Lower Saxony 8,797

North Rhine-Westphalia 28,471

Rhineland-Palatinate 5,432

Saarland 2,303

Saxony 4,190

Saxony-Anhalt 1,350

Schleswig-Holstein 2,417

Thuringia 1,756

Total 139,897

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