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Nigerian US-based model Faith Morey shares what her ideals are in a man

Nigerian US-based Supermodel and Fashion designer, Faith Morey, has stated what her ideals would be in a man.

Nigerian US-based Supermodel and Fashion designer Faith Morey shares what her ideal man is.

In an interview with Nigerian Media, The Guardian, Faith Morey said that her ideal man must be good in bed, rich, honest and should not feel threatened by her achievements.

The model said, “My ideal man must be able to love not just me but my little man. He must be smart, make me laugh, honest, actively support my career, emotionally mature, willing to put in work, be good in bed, rich, old enough, respect me and listen to me. He must celebrate my achievement and do not feel threatened. And he must be a manly man.” she said.

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Faith Chituru Amadi aka Faith Morey is a Nigerian born Model, designer and actress who resides in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Faith was a model for ten years wanting to join the fashion scene to become like her role model Naomi Campbell. She started modelling in 2008 but got her breakthrough after participating in Nigeria’s Next Super Model competition in 2009.

Many fans commented on Faith Moreys’ ideals for a man and this is what they had to say:

Godwin Tonero commented, ‘Ones achievements can’t threaten, but don’t allow your achievements affect your personality, attitude and behaviour. That’s always the issue’

Some asked what the model brings to the table.

Another user, Charming Caramel said, “Very important “don’t feel threatened by my achievements!”

” Everything about ‘Real men’ must always benefit women. Even the real man no dey benefit from the realness pass woman,” said thegroundnutninja.