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Lupita Nyong’o scores an Emmy Award for book ‘Sulwe’ that talks about colourism and self-esteem – IMAGES

Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o won an Emmy Award for her first book Sulwe. Sulwe is the story of a young black girl dealing with issues of colourism and self esteem which she said was based on her own upbringing.

Lupita said that the book resonated with her life growing up as a dark-skinned girl and being darker than any of her family members. Nyong’o learned at a young age that lighter skin is privileged.

The book is set to be animated into an animated musical on Netflix.

The actress shared a post on Facebook saying, “Here she is! The Emmy for #Sulwe on #BookmarksNetflix arrived! 📫

🎉🏆♥️📚 A huge thank you to the Netflix Family team, and the brilliant Marley Dias for making this show possible. #BrightnessIsJustWhoYouAre#DaytimeEmmys

Sulwe cover by Vashti Harrison for Lupita.
Actress Lupita Nyong’o bags Emmy Award for book Sulwe.
Sulwe by Lupita Nyongo recording session.

The book has been getting a lot of recognition in the black community where the issue of colourism that affects women and young girls, especially, is rampant.

Many fans commented on the post wishing Lupita Nyong’o many congratulations and that she continues to influence young women and girls in the black community positively. Here are some comments:

Congratulations nyakodongo… trickle down effect is what we are waiting for.. come back home and inspire our girls.. help them grow these wings so that they can fly higher than you… Sulwe should shine back in the little villages of Ratta, Korwenje, Barkorwa, Mariwa, Maseno, Kombewa then spread to other areas.. Inspire before Sulwe expires!’

Congratulations🌹 Lupita for an amazing story book “Sulwe”..and a well deserved Emmy 👍for a talented gracious Lady..’

‘Sulwe, made our daughters believe that they are dark and beautiful..congratulations

Among several others.