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6 sites you can use to stream Nollywood movies and series

The Nollywood scene has become quite popular with many more sites hustling for content that’s diverse and entertaining. It was all in due time that the world would start giving Nollywood the recognition it deserves.

Many platforms are now paying attention to content that comes from this sector. This could be from an overall increase in the quality of content as well as thriving demand.

Before the internet reigning supreme, people would buy compact disks and wait for content to be aired on TV or at the cinema but we now have live streaming channels just for your entertainment.

Here’s a list of 6 sites you can stream Nollywood content from that are easily available.

  1. Netflix

Netflix might be currently the best streaming application and website for movies and series alike. And the fact that it recommends movies you might be interested in makes it even more of a great investment on your part.

It features as a phone app too for easy viewing and mobile downloading of your favourite movies and series. Currently, there are a host of other Nollywood movies on Netflix including King of Boys, Up North, The Vendor, Moms at War, Mokalik, Chief Daddy and more.

  • Showmax

With movies like The lost cafe, Ojukokoro, Roti, 93 days, and Banana island ghost on its platform, Showmax host a number of Nollywood content. Showmax is an online subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platform. Launched in South Africa, the platform contains a diverse category of video content.

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Showmax also recently went in the same route as Netflix and acquired an app that makes sure you can watch your series anywhere you need to or want to on the go.

  • NollyLand

On NollyLand, you get to stream or download thousands of Nigerian & African movies. The platform offers a subscription model and also in-app credits for users to watch movies. Some features of the app include adaptive video streaming, automatic bookmarking of movies, watch list and more.

A month’s subscription on NollyLand is pegged at $6.

  • Iroko TV

Iroko TV is a platform that provides paid-for Nigerian films on-demand. It is one of the first movie streaming platforms in Africa. On IrokoTV, you can have access to up to 5,000 Nollywood films and TV series. Some of the popular Nollywood movies available on Iroko TV include My wife & I, 93 days, Banana island ghost and many more.

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  • Film house

Film house This is a mobile app created by FilmOne Distribution, a popular Nollywood movie distributor in Nigeria. The company also run one of the largest cinemas in Nigeria, hence, have their hands on quite a number of Nollywood content. You can stream quite popular movies like King of boys on the Filmhouse app.

  • You tube

On the popular video streaming platform, YouTube, there are a lot of channels that share Nollywood movies. All you need to do to watch movies via YouTube is search. Or identify these channels and subscribe to them. This way, you can be notified once they upload any movie.

Using YouTube is free. However, there’s a premium option that gives a better, no-ad experience.

With Nollywood movies going mainstream, you can access them from anywhere and watch them anytime.

Most Nollywood movies would even be uploaded in full on YouTube withouthaving to struggle to find some other application to watch them

All you need is a steady internet connection for all of these.


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