Skip to content – the new source of news for Africans in Germany, a new website for Africans in Germany has been launched.

The new site features immigration news and legal guides to facilitate integration of migrants and refugees into the German society.


It promotes a positive image of Africa and Africans in Germany while at the same time celebrating our heroes – the people going out of their way to help the needy in our communities both in Germany and back home. covers and promotes activities of African communities in Germany.

We encourage all our readers to use to announce their events and narrate their activities; to report cases of human rights violation; to air their views on current immigration debates; to report cases of racism, to comment on what’s going on in African countries, etc. will stand by the African communities as well as other immigrant communities in Germany in fighting for their rights and fair immigration policies. It will highlight cases of racism and tirelessly fight this wild beast. features all emerging African talents in Germany who need publicity.

It is the place to find news from and about Africa. It is also the place to learn your rights as an immigrant in Germany and what to do in case they are violated. aims to be a platform where we can carry out self-criticism – identify where we are going wrong and share ideas on how to improve.

All Africans in Germany should make best use of It is at your service. Nothing is too small for us to cover. If it is important to you, it is important to us and our readers too. Please let us know about it and we will share it with our readers: send the information to:

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