Germany: Forensic doctor reveals the cause of death of Bayern player Jerome Boateng’s ex girlfriend Kasia Lenhardt

Kasia Lenhardt death

Forensic doctor – prof. Michael Tsokos, who performed the autopsy of Kasia Lenhardt reveals the cause of death of the model. Meanwhile, the prosecutor’s office in Munich resumed an investigation against Bayern footballer Jerome Boateng, suspected of assaulting the model.

Suicide is not homicide

According to prof. Michaela Tsokos, there is no indication that Kasia Lenhardt died at the hands of third parties – reports “Bild”. He informed the public about the results of the autopsy on his Instagram account.

In a short recording (HERE>>) he says, among others “She wasn’t killed.” And thus confirms the information posted on Twitter by the Berlin prosecutor’s office regarding the death of the Polish model.

“The autopsy at the Charité Institute of Forensic Medicine in Berlin did not show any evidence of third party guilt,” the tweet reads.

In the short video, Tsokos also explains why he has now turned to the public regarding the death of Kasia Lenhardt. It is also about conspiracy theories that circulate on the Internet – reports “Bild”.

“There have been rumors on social media over the past few days that she was killed and that an autopsy and further forensic examinations were not properly performed. It is also for this reason that I am recording here in consultation with the prosecutor in Berlin, because I have carried out the autopsy myself, ”  said the doctor.

The prosecutor’s office resumes investigation against a Bayern player

The prosecutor’s office in Munich resumed an investigation against a Bayern footballer, Jerome Boateng, suspected of assaulting a model.

“Bild” informed that the local law enforcement agencies decided to resume the investigation suspended a few months ago. Lenhardt accused Boateng of assault and bodily injury, but according to “Zeit” the investigation was suspended because the Polish woman did not want to testify against the player. According to Bild, the document signed by Lenhardt and Boateng is now the basis for reopening the investigation.

– The proceedings were resumed because as part of the investigation into the death in Berlin, we received new information that could indicate a possibility of continuation of the case. The investigation is not over yet, prosecutor Anne Leiding told Bild.

A few days ago, a document signed by a Polish woman and Jerome Boateng was found in Lenhardt’s apartment, in which the woman pledged to “remain absolutely silent” about her relationship with the Bayern Munich player. This document forbade her from providing any information and not only publishing text messages / e-mails or photos, but even ordered to delete them.

The body of 25-year-old Kasia Lenhardt was found on February 9 in an apartment in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin. According to the police, it was a suicide, which has already been confirmed by an autopsy.


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