Nigeria’s ‘historic dream team’ face defeat by the Germans at Tokyo Olympics 2020

Germany’s basketball players took their first victory at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 against Nigeria’s NBA selection that was formerly regarded as the ‘dream team’ defeating them.

Germany’s team said that the Nigerian Team was a good one and showed excellent showmanship. Maodo Lo added that they were extremely relieved that they managed that difficult task and that the game was really tough. There was tremendous pressure.

Just recently, the Nigerian team defeated the US team 90:87 in a test match before the Olympics 2020 (we wrote about it here: Nigeria’s mens’ basketball team defeats US in first ever historic record) and this led to very high expectations on the team to succeed.

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The German basketball team said they had witnessed the US team defeat and had set up to watch reruns of the game to better understand how the Nigerian team played.

Germany had started strong in the beginning but did not hold the lead for long as Nigeria kept up the pace.

Source: BILD, DW

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