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Why Islamophobia is on the rise in Germany – study

Islamophobia in Germany has risen markedly in the last two years, a new study has revealed.

The study by the University of Leipzig also found that Germans have become increasingly sceptical of politics and the police.


Scientists Oliver Decker and Elmar Brähler found a significant increase in resentment towards Muslims and also a greater willingness of far-right fanatics to use violence, if necessary, to uphold their beliefs, DW reported.

According to the study, more than 40 percent of the public think Muslims should be banned from migrating to Germany.

Around half of those interviewed said they sometimes felt like a stranger in their own country due to large number of Muslims living in Germany, compared to 43 percent two years ago.

The researchers also discovered an increasing animosity towards other minority groups such as homosexuals, Sinti and Roma.

More than 1.2 million migrants have come to Germany in the past year. This has probably fuelled the anti-immigrant sentiment since around four-fifths of those interviewed said the country should not be so generous. Almost 60 percent of respondents don’t believe that asylum seekers are fleeing persecution at home, DW reported.

The survey also revealed a growing support for right-wing parties including Alternative for Germany (AfD) and the anti-immigration PEGIDA movement.

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