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Why Bavaria has launched a drive to recruit immigrants to the police force

Authorities in the German state of Bavaria have launched a campaign to recruit more immigrants to serve as police officers.


The new police officers of foreign origin will be hired whether they are citizens of Germany or not.

They are only required to have lived in the country for five years and speak fluent German.

Joachim Herrmann, the Bavarian state interior minister, disclosed that the move was aimed at helping fight crime in immigrant communities.

“Our colleagues of foreign origin are an important asset to the police service and the best example of how to make integration really work,” quoted Mr Herrmann to have said.

He added: “We hope to achieve even closer dialogue with immigrant communities through our colleagues with immigrant roots.

“Being familiar with the language, culture and mentality of each community helps us in police education and conflict resolution.

“I’m optimistic that in this way we can improve our ability to solve crimes and reduce conflict.”

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