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Top Nollywood stars coming to Germany for the premiere of “Zero Deal”

Top Nollywood stars Uche Ogbodo, Chinenye Uyanna and Chinwe Owoh are set to grace the premiere of “Zero Deal” in Freiburg, Germany on 24th September 2016.


They’ll be joined by other Nollywood actors from different parts of Europe including Roseline Ajose from London Nollywood and Jennifer Omole from Nollywood Spain.

Directed by Evans Osigwe, “Zero Deal” shows the real life experience of many Africans who come to Europe with desires of having a good life but end up in pains and agonies. These challenges force them into doing what they would never do in normal circumstances.

The movie is produced by Prince Ogugua Igwe, a Nigerian actor, scriptwriter and producer based in Germany.

Zero-Deal-poster1“Zero Deal”, shot in Nigeria and Germany, revolves around passion, love, hatred, violence, betrayal, etc.

Ms Uyanna, who plays Cynthia in “Zero Deal”, described it as a “very emotional and natural” movie.

Uyanna said all who watch the movie will have a better understanding of what African migrants go through in Europe.

“This is a movie everyone must watch and see how uneasy it is to live in Europe. People think life in Europe is the best without knowing that there are lots of secrets behind it. Zero Deal really explains it all,” Ms Uyanna said.

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“Zero Deal” will be premiered at Glashaus Rieselfeld, Maria-von-Rudloff-Platz 2, 79111 Freiburg, on 24th September 2016 from 18:00 with Nollywood Stars live on Red Carpet.

At 20:00 there will be the 1st film screening followed by the 2nd film screening at 22:00. From midnight there will be an After-Show Party.

Click here to book your tickets.

You can also dial the following numbers to book your tickets: +49-17636709350 or +49-17624773616.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a