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Tech Wizard in Berlin creates online platform for professional African and black people

Kave Bulambo is the founder of Black in Tech Berlin that is a portal with about 6,000 members in a community of workers in the technology sector for Africans or black origin.

The idea behind the platform is to promote and support the idea of professionals with African and black origins in the German capital of Berlin.

The tech genius was born in the DRC, raised in South-Africa and moved to Berlin. Behind the initiative is the awareness, Kave Bulambo told the information site Africa News, of the low presence of black workers in the technological innovation sector.

Black in Tech Berlin work group.

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Black Tech Berlin.

“It’s a problem that starts from above” said Bulambo: “Just think of who invests, of the members of the boards of directors”.

Many tech companies cannot confess they are black owned and hence there is a gap when it even comes to employment. The group works with people from Germany, Kenya, Ghana and other countries trying to create a site that supports the exponents of minorities looking for a job.