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T-Smallz-Suso, Gambian International Musician wraps-up 2022 Europe tour in Malta

Africans in Germany. Austria based, award winning artiste T-Smallz-Suso, has performed in Finland, Austria, Germany, Italy and Malta with amazing crowds and performances and has wrapped up in Malta, Italy. 

T-smallz Suso dropped a double album and launched it at the biggest venue (Independence Stadium) in the Gambia where thousands of his fans attended in November, 2021.

He is the first ever Gambian musician to set that record even after he was trapped in Europe due to the coronavirus pandemic while also welcoming his first born son born King Khalil.

His comeback into the music scene was doubted by many of his peer group (fellow musicians) in the music industry, to date Tsmallz continues to entertain and perform for his fans globally.     

The international veteran musician and double album dropper announced on his social media handles on 15th of August, 2022 that he had concluded his 2022 Europe summer tour in Malta, Italy after he played seven shows.

 Tsmallz told AfroNews Germany that the reception and welcoming alone in Italy was really amazing and he added it was indeed a positive vibes to end his tour in such a way Palermo and Malta has shown him. He continue thank each and every promoter for having him on this tour, hopefully he could do it again.

He added that Stuttgart in Germany and Finland was amazing crowds with lot of people feeling the vibes well. 

‘I will keep inspiring…. I will keep setting the trend….sadly some of y’all will keep hating for a very long time.’ Tsmallz said.

He conclude by sending love and respect to a big time promoter and now artist Mastalion in Finland for his wonderful work during his tour.

By: Bakary Ceesay