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Say No to Domestic Violence – Kenyan artist Esther Akothee speaks up

Kenyan artist Esther Akothee has spoken up about Domestic Violence especially directed at women on a post of social media. Akothee posted a long rant on Facebook addressing the manner in which men have been beating up women in their homes.

With the current pandemic at hand, domestic violence and abuse has taken an all-time high and the government of Kenyan have shown no hand in stepping in and keeping women safe from their abusers.

The lockdown was presenting a hindrance to most women escaping but now it could be easier with the lifting presenting an opportunity to save one’s life.

Akothee pointed out that no woman should have to go through this kind of humiliation and it is not that women are weak and cannot fight back but rather it is because of respect and love that they have for their partners.

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“No one wants to live alone, it’s very lonely up there, it’s even worse as a celebrity. This kind of action of up-rooting women’s eyes and beating them like snakes is only done with men without morals and behaviours” she said.

Akothee has been known in the past to addresses herself as the president of single mothers an in this post she was directing her words at another fellow single mother who was a victim of domestic violence.

The artist pin pointed that as a single mother more effort is required in raising your child as it is your responsibility to achieve both parental roles and such cannot be done if you lose your life.

Madam Esther added that any man that hurts a woman and beats her is not deserving of any attachment whatsoever and that even she could not lay a hand on her dog, Salome, to this degree.

“It is better to be alone than being in a fatal lonely relationship”

Source: Esther Akothee