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Princess Amara Igwe, young actress debuts in Nollywood movie on problems Africans face in Europe

When she was asked to play a role in Zero Deal, a Nollywood movie focusing on real-life challenges Africans face in Europe, Princess Amara Igwe was reluctant because she had never featured in a movie before.


Zero Deal is directed by Evans Osigwe. It is produced by Prince Ogugua Igwe, a Nigerian actor, scriptwriter and producer based in Germany.

The movie will be premiered in Freiburg, Germany on 24th September 2016.

Zero Deal shows the real life experience of many Africans who come to Europe with desires of having a good life but end up in pains and agonies.

These challenges force them into doing what they would never do in normal circumstances.

In Zero Deal Princess Amara Igwe plays Destiny, the daughter of the main character Fred. “The character I played was so natural because Fred happens to be my biological father, you can imagine how natural that can be,” she says. “It was great working with the crew in Zero Deal, they were so friendly and loving and I thank the producer Prince Ogugua Igwe for having such vision. I am so proud of him.”

Princess Amara Igwe adds that Zero Deal was her first movie but she enjoyed it.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a

Zero Deal, new Nollywood movie focuses on challenges Africans face in Europe – WATCH TRAILER